Ink Whiskey Bartendo Line

Think back to 2013 and you may or may not remember the release of the Ink Whiskey Entertainment Flask, which was an alcoholic take on classic NES games of the past, with titles such as, “Legend of Drink" and “Drunk Hunt." It might not have been one of the classiest ideas, but it had a strong Kickstarter campaign and was successful enough to go into production.

Fast forward to 2015 and passionate gamer – Matt Cornell – on behalf of Ink Whiskey is at it again on Kickstarter, this time promoting a new line of "Bartendo" products that go hand in hand with the original NES flask creation. These new products include a warp pipe shot glass, an ice cube tray in the shape of the legendary Triforce symbol, a bottle opener shaped as a NES Zapper, and lastly a well-known blaster re-modeled as a “Kega Man Double Pint" glass.

At the time of writing the Kickstarter for the “Bartendo" line of products has 29 days to go with a goal of $15,000. Take a look at the official Ink Whiskey video below:

If you are old enough to be considering backing this Kickstarter, of course, make sure you always drink responsibly – you know the drill.