You won't hit a single duck in this version

Retro gaming and whiskey, does it mix? One inventor on Kickstarter thought so. Matt Cornell describes himself as a passionate gamer and one who is lucky to have been raised alongside the video game industry as it has developed. Now he is repaying it with a throwback to the legends he was raised on.

While it’s not the classiest of ideas, it’s been successful enough to get the go-ahead after a strong Kickstarter campaign. Presenting the Ink Whiskey Entertainment Flask. After flying past the original goal of US$12,000, and raising a total of US$39,905, the project is now closed and accepting preorders online.

The flasks are based on parodies of NES games, with classic titles such as, “Legend of Drink” and “Drunk Hunt.” Each of the flasks are going individually for US$15. If you’re really that keen, you can purchase the collector’s pack for $70 and save five bucks.

If you're too young fill it with something non-alcoholic and, if you are old enough, drink responsibly — you know the drill.