Those guys look familiar...

We're keen followers of the excellent React YouTube channel, especially the retro videos which show gamers young and old struggling to come to terms with some of the most famous titles in the business. This time up, it's Konami's hard-as-nails run-and-gun shooter Contra (or Probotector if you're in Europe).

Contra is considered to be one of the most difficult games on the NES, and requires quick reflexes, an excellent memory and - if you can rope in another player - perfect teamwork.

In this clip, several pairs of teens struggle valiantly to overcome Contra's first level - as if it wasn't obvious, failure is commonplace here. However, we're not going to be too smug, as Contra still manages to frustrate us and we've been trying to master it for the best part of the two decades - these young whippersnappers are playing it for the first time ever.