Gnome alone

Rare co-founders the Stamper brothers have always been famously reclusive when it comes to interviews - they've given very few over the past couple of decades and since selling Rare to Microsoft have drifted from the public eye altogether.

However, Tim Stamper appears to be moving back towards the games industry. Last year, he helped establish FortuneFish, a smartphone studio which appears to be run by his son. He's employed there as Creative Director, but at the moment he appears to be having more fun posting amusing content to Twitter.

Stampers Twitter account went live in May, and since then he's been posting behind-the-scenes content from his time at Rare, which produced such classics as Sabrewulf, KnightLore, Donkey Kong Country, GoldenEye 007, Banjo Kazooie and much more besides.

In particularly, he seems to be having a bit of fun with Project Dream. In case you didn't know, this was the codename for a SNES title which never got released, and instead morphed into what would eventually become Banjo Kazooie on the N64.

Stamper has hinted that Project Dream does in fact exist in some kind of playable form on the SNES, and that an early prototype - presumably different from Banjo - is also available for the N64:

Elsewhere, he's been posting up playful photos of his attempts to "catch" the SNES version of the game:

It's all being done with the typical Rare humour, and while it's unknown if Tim will actually show off any footage or screens from the cart, it's nevertheless very cool that one half of this legendary partnership is once again engaging with the gaming public.

FortuneFish's first game - That Bouncy Thing - is available now on Android and is coming soon to iOS.

Who knows, perhaps we could see an interview with Tim surface in the not-too-distant future? The Nintendo Life office is based a mere 20 minutes from FortuneFish's Nottingham base - and we've spoken to plenty of other ex-Rare staffers, such as Chris Seavor, Phil Tossell and the Playtonic guys - so you never know what might happen...