That's Chris on the right

As any self-respecting Nintendo fan will know, Chris and Tim Stamper are the siblings who formed famous UK studio Rare. Once part of the Nintendo family and responsible for such hits as Donkey Kong Country, GoldenEye 007 and Banjo Kazooie, Rare is now under the wing of Microsoft — and the Stampers have long since departed to engage in other pursuits.

In Tim's case, that's helping to launch a new mobile gaming studio called FortuneFish. Based in Nottingham, the company has yet to reveal its début release and is currently accepting job applications from graduates.

Tim Stamper is registered as one of the directors of this company, as is Joe Stamper — who is presumably his son, as his date of birth is listed as 1987.

While the studio is based in Nottingham, FortuneFish's registered office is located in nearby Ashby-de-la-Zouch — the same town where Tim and Chris founded Ashby Computers & Graphics Ltd. in 1985, otherwise known as Ultimate Play the Game. That very same firm would later become Rare and would forge a long and profitable relationship with Nintendo, eventually becoming a second-party studio working exclusively on Nintendo systems. In 2002 Microsoft purchased the studio outright, and continues to own Rare to this day.

Given FortuneFish's focus on mobile phone games, it's unlikely that any of its titles will reach Nintendo formats — but you never know. Perhaps with Tim on the board of directors, we could see a Stamper-made game on our Wii U or 3DS systems in the near future.

Thanks to John Pickford and Wesley Mackinder for the tip.