We hardly knew ye...

Keiji Inafune and his studio - Comcept - showed at this E3 that they've been quite busy as of late. With development of Mega Ma-, er, Mighty No. 9 wrapping up, it was revealed that the studio's now working on a brand new game called ReCore for Xbox One, with Armature studios co-developing. ReCore will be a post-apocalyptic game that follows one of the last remaining humans as she explores the wasteland with a series of robot companions. Though ReCore appears to be quite distinct from Inafune's past work, a question came up during an interview with Game Informer asking Inafune-san if any of the ideas from the now defunct Mega Man Legends 3 would be making an appearance in some form.

Inafune had nothing specific to say, basically stating that he figured a few concepts and ideas would make it into the final product. All the same, he made it very clear that he's still open to the idea of making Mega Man Legends 3. Here's the relevant quote:

Maybe not at the level of calling out specific gameplay features that would have gone into Legends 3. To be completely honest, if I had the chance, I would still say, "Yes, I want to still make that game." In that regard, there's something probably emotional or spiritual that I feel like on a very high level that I don't completely lose everything, all my ideas, that I had at that time. They may have been transferred or carried over or been reflected in some way, shape, or form in ReCore. That's something that is part of me, so it's going into ReCore. One thing that I feel is very different though is that if I went down the Legends 3 path and I was continuing on that path I feel like maybe it's a bit of more of a throwback to when it was made. Going back into time, but giving it a new skin and fresh look. With ReCore though, I'm not looking back. I'm looking into the future. I'm looking beyond what I can do today. This has given me the opportunity to retain some of what was in my soul, but then transfer that into a future outlook and direction. That's a big difference in the path that, to me, is different between those two titles.

What do you think? Is there still hope for a revival or is it time they just let this project die? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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