Questing we will go

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is a game that speaks, well, volumes. The revolutionary 3D entry to the Zelda series has led to the game holding its own to this day, encouraging replay value for copious amounts of reasons. Aside from receiving a beautiful 3DS remake in 2011, it has fired-up the competition in the world of 'speedrunning', which in turn has resulted in new glitches being found over a decade after its release.

It's also led to several modders making some wacky changes to the game, such as Super Mario 64's Mario replacing Link. However, it seems as though fans have found yet another reason to replay the legendary 1998 title, and that's by adding a whole new quest to the game.

It's common knowledge that Nintendo released a second quest to the game in 2002 for the Nintendo GameCube called Master Quest, containing redesigned and more difficult dungeons. However, a group of dedicated fans have gone a step further and are in the process of creating an unofficial third quest to the game - entitled Project Third Quest - containing to what seems like a redesigned Hyrule with new areas. The most notable area is the 'Earth Labyrinth', and the dungeon's final boss appears to be an alternate form of the Forest Temple's Phanton Ganon.

Unfortunately, as with the Super Mario 64 HD remake, this is likely to get pulled down by Nintendo. Would you like this to come into fruition so you can give the game another whack, or do you prefer that the game remains untouched? Check out the trailer below and let us know your thoughts.