Zombi U

Before E3 the rumour did the rounds that Wii U-exclusive ZombiU was heading to Xbox One and PS4, though the LA event passed by with no sign of the title.

It seems to be on track, nevertheless, as a result of an Australian Classification Rating for Zombi, which was established in the past week and is published and developed by Ubisoft. Zombi is actually the name of Ubisoft's very first published game - in 1986 - which provided the branding for the Wii U launch title. The listing is for the Xbox One version, and there doesn't seem to be a PS4 equivalent just yet.

We still think that ZombiU, despite its flaws and a few buggy moments, is one of the best examples of how the GamePad can improve a gaming experience. It can also be picked up rather cheaply nowadays, so is certainly worth a punt on Nintendo's system.

Whether it'll utilise Smartglass or be a relatively simple port to Xbox One is yet to be seen, but sadly we'll have to talk about ZombiU as a former Wii U exclusive from this point on.

[source purexbox.com]