Splatoon may be gracing plenty of Wii U systems worldwide, but the official Tumblr account is still rolling on, and has shared a rather peculiar and fun trick. It seems that both players can use motion-based aiming controls in the local multiplayer Battle Dojo mode, with a bit of bizarre customisation.

By quite literally strapping a Wii U Pro Controller or Wii Classic Controller / Pro to a Wii Motion Plus Remote and doing some fiddly button presses, you can effectively mimic the combination of dual stick and motion aiming that's typically reserved for the GamePad.

Splatoon Weirdness

One of our scientists has made a rather stunning discovery! From early reports, it appears to be a means of adding motion control to the controller of the player playing on the TV screen in Battle Dojo. On the controller selection screen for Battle Dojo, press and hold down on the +Control Pad, press and hold B, and then press ZR and ZL.

It seems a Wii Remote Plus is necessary to perform this incredible feat. This technique also appears to be possible when using a Classic Controller or Classic Controller Pro! When using a Wii U Pro Controller, first press ZL and ZR to select that as your controller, and then press the 2 Button on the Wii Remote Plus to activate it.

This is rather typical of the humour and attention to detail of the Splatoon team, it must be said, and is almost worth trying purely for the daftness of it.

Will you be strapping a Wii Remote Plus and dual stick controller together to try this? Of course you will.

[source splatoonus.tumblr.com]