Game Boy XXL

Sometimes it feels like electronics manufacturers these days are all totally obsessed with the miniaturisation of their products. We recently got the iPhone 6 Plus and the New Nintendo 3DS XL... erm, actually, it's probably best to stop there.

Let's be honest, the original Game Boy was always a reassuring brick in stature; not exactly pocket sized. But Hackaday user Raz took it upon himself to make the Game Boy even bigger. So big in fact now you might even need help to carry it around.

The Game Boy XXL project all started when Raz and the organiser of a Belgian Chiptune festival called Nintendoom were sitting in a car together. He remarked how cool it would be to have a giant functional Game Boy at Nintendoom; the rest is history.

Raz got to work with 10m² of 3mm MDF, some wood glue, paint, a Raspberry Pi and a 19" computer monitor which he disassembled and reused and various other components. The software is based on Retropie, and a 180w laser cutter was used to cut 2D parts which he designed in AutoDesk AutoCAD.

While the original Game Boy was plain white, Raz took the bold step of painting the Game Boy XXL purple so that it would look flashy. It looks like it went down a treat at Nintendoom, judging from the photo gallery.

What do you think of Raz's handiwork? What suggestions would you make for his next oversized retro project?

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