Progress - Game Boy

Indie developer Ludosity is well known for developing fun games for tablets and smartphones, but now it seems to be taking its first steps to porting one of its games to Nintendo hardware - just not the Nintendo system which you might have assumed! Speaking to our chums at AppSpy at this year's Nordic Game show, the developer showed a working prototype of Progress running on the ageing Game Boy.

In Progress, there is a white command written on a black screen. You need to figure out what it means so you can turn the screen white and progress to the next screen. On the iPad this could involve shaking your tablet around, swiping from left to the right or roping in a friend to help you touch the screen with more digits than your two hands combined can manage.

Ludosity's Tim Garbos revealed that the Game Boy port will aim to use all the features of the humble 8-bit system to the max, including possibly supporting the Game Boy Camera attachment. It was ported by some of Tim's friends as a surprise and features 10 puzzles based on using the D-pad and face buttons of the console.

It looks like quite a faithful representation of its smart device big brother - check out AppSpy's video below and let us know what you think.