Perfect Dark Zero 2

Rare’s 2005 first-person shooter, Perfect Dark Zero, didn’t exactly match the legacy of the original game on the Nintendo 64. Development of the title began on the GameCube and was completed on the Xbox 360 when Microsoft acquired Rare and all of its licenses in 2002.

The question that has since played on the minds of both Rare and Nintendo fans alike is what would have become of Perfect Dark Zero if it was released on the GameCube? Nintendo has always been known to subtly guide the development of exclusives for its platforms, so what was lost when development of the new Perfect Dark transitioned from the GameCube to Xbox 360?

Unseen64 has now shed light on the situation, uncovering concept art featured in the gallery of a GameCube prototype of Perfect Dark Zero. The artwork was at one stage very cartoon inspired and heavily influenced by Japanese manga. It certainly adds an insight into what might have been if Rare had remained settled with Nintendo.

Take a look at the eight minute video below and shed your tears in the comments below.