It's been a bit of a Splatoon weekend, so we thought we'd wrap it up with a couple of neat little snippets based on the game. Well, one is particularly cool, one may get a mixed reception.

First up we have some outfits for those of you still checking into Animal Crossing: New Leaf on a regular basis, with some user created t-shirts and a hat - thanks to Tiny Cartridge for the image collection, there are also black and white t-shirts here.

Splatoon ACNL

Now for something that will make some smile and others grit their teeth and quietly sob - Nintendo of America's marketing campaign. It's been utilising a Disney TV-style song to plug the game, which may be rather effective with its target demographic but won't delight everyone. Nevertheless, NoA has put together an "Extended Cut" that even has a guitar riff; we're not sure whether we find this solo awesome or disturbing - perhaps both?

So that's a dose of Splatoon to end the week - our apologies if the video's song is now stuck in your head.