Symphony of the Night Concept 2

Long-time Castlevania producer Koji "IGA" Igarashi left Konami a while back to move into indie development, but aside from a cryptic double-page PAX flyer, we've heard very little about what he's up to.

However, this week could change all of that, if rumours swirling around the dark and brooding nether-regions of the internet are to be believed. According to some sources, the runes in the PAX flyer actually contained a message – "What a wonderful night to have a KS" – which appeared to suggest that Igarashi would be launching a Kickstarter campaign in the not-too-distant future.

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Everything feel silent after that, and in September of last year Igarashi himself admitted that his "dream project" was on hold. However, recent events would suggest that it's back in development again – and we could see something revealed as early as today.

Things started getting strange when the Twitter account Quarterwomann suddenly became active again, posting stuff about runes and alluding to alchemy – the PAX flyer appeared to suggest that the lead character in Igarashi's new project would be an alchemist.

After that, a person known as IGAVANIA posted two halves of the same image on the forums of Castlevania sites The Castlevania Dungeon and the Chapel of Resonance. The two combined images showcased the same rune-filled pentagram that was featured in the PAX flyer, along with a sword and a whip – the latter of which is of course associated with Castlevania:


Also included was the message: "The first sign rises with the full moon. Soon, I will return." The next full moon is on May 4th – going by the UTC timezone – so if the message was about a reveal, we could see something today. It has also been revealed that IGAVANIA and Quarterwomann share the same email address.

Quarterwomann has since posted this tweet:

To add more fuel to the fire, Destructoid's Jonathan Holmes has posted an equally mysterious tweet:

Do you think we'll have an announcement today, with a Kickstarter being put live towards the end of the week? Could Igarashi's latest project come to an Nintendo platform? Will you be reaching for your wallet if something does go live? Let us know by posting a comment below.