Splatoon Sniper

Nintendo's releasing a game that prioritises online play, so naturally plenty reach for popcorn. Splatoon is on store shelves and appears to have had solid numbers hopping online to splat each other with ink, while some may even be tackling the single player campaign - those rogues.

The old cliché about Nintendo not 'doing' online gaming is out-of-date, especially in this current generation, and just last year the Wii U had launches for Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U that both handled early online traffic reasonably. Splatoon is a competitive shooter, however, so it fits into that category where online is the core focus - we suspect - for a majority of owners.

The online is so important that it's also one of few games we've given an in progress review with no score, as testing the online component on the public servers is key to the experience. There can never be full confidence the servers will hold up before launch, and some doubt was raised after issues in the final Splatoon Global Testfire - that was a pity as the first three sessions had passed off largely smoothly.

A quick straw poll of a few early adopters in the Nintendo Life team suggest all is going well, unless we've missed issues overnight. One team member has had no issues at all, while your humble writer player a lot yesterday and only had 3-4 disconnections over a number of hours. In general it was smooth, reliable and fun.

We'll continue to assess for our review, but we want to know how you're getting on with Splatoon. If you grabbed it at launch you've no doubt taken it for a spin, and we're interested in your experience so far.

Hit us up in the poll and comments below.

Have you bought Splatoon?
Which mode have you played the most?
How would you summarise your experience online so far?
What do you think of the amount of content (online and offline) at launch?