It's well documented that the anticipated Wii U squid shooter, Splatoon, is heavily focused on team-based ink wars, and the the latest Nintendo Direct celebrating the title's upcoming release has revealed the trend will continue with themed events known as 'Splatfests' – further encouraging team spirit.

These regular events will ask players from their respective regions – North America / Europe – to ponder answers to burning questions. North America will kick off with the following: do you prefer cats or dogs? To actually answer these questions, players will be required to pick a side and represent it. These events will also include their very own ranking system, and based on a player's overall rank, a valuable item called a 'Super Sea Snail' may be received at the end of an event period allowing players to freshen up and improve their gear.

The first Splatfest will take place in North America on 20th June and Europe will be able to pick a side and represent it one week later on 27th June. The starting theme in Europe asks which theme do you prefer – rock or pop?

Let us know in the comments if you like the proposed concept of Splatfest, and if so which side you'll be fighting for.