A combination of a Japanese Nintendo Direct and a live Capcom fan event have brought news of two more MH titles heading to the 3DS. Most notable is the reveal of Monster Hunter X (Cross), which blends the classic main-series play with Frontier-like special moves and quicker combat.

Also announced today was Monster Hunter Diary: Poka Poka Palico Village DX - hat tip to Siliconera for some details - which also made a cameo during the Nintendo Direct broadcast. Previously released on PSP way back in 2010, this updated version will have Nintendo cross-overs with the likes of Animal Crossing. The latter is particularly relevant as this does seem a little like AC, as you take in cute and quirky towns full of Palico / felyne creatures.

While customising characters and mini-games will feature, footage also shows some simple side-on hunting, too. It's all very cute, and seems like a spin-off with young audiences in mind.

You can see the reveal trailer below - it's coming to Japan on 10th September; are you hoping it'll come to the West?