Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is a massive game, and Capcom also throws in free monthly DLC to keep us busy. Though we've occasionally complained about the sometimes outrageous difficulty of some of the quest unlocks, it certainly gives us all plenty to aim for with cross-over outfits and awesome weapons.

The May batch has now been officially unveiled and, superficially, is both particularly cool and - we think - relatively accessible. When you head to the DLC section and download the latest content, your new quests and challenges include unlocks themed on Mega Man, Street Fighter and Metroid. The Samus Aran armour truly is something to behold.

In terms of weapons and armour, this is what you can potentially unlock:

Hunter equipment:

- Metroid's Varia Suit
- Metroid's Zero Suit
- Metroid's Arm Cannon
- Taiko Drum Master Hunting Horn
- USJ's Star Rook armor
- USJ's Starlight Axe Charge Blade

Palico equipment:
- Mega Man
- Blanka
- Chun-Li
- USJ's F Star
- Cha-Cha
- Kayamba

As always there's a handy video below that shows which quests unlock which goodies, and quite a few of them seem reasonably accessible if you're skilled or have a group of friends to help out.

So, will you be trying to grab all of these DLC extras?