Humble Nindie Bundle

Nintendo of America and key Indie partners caused a stir recently when the Humble Nindie Bundle was unveiled, which allows eShop gamers in the Americas - it's not available in PAL territories - to pay what they want for a batch of excellent Wii U and 3DS games. If you pay over certain limits you get more games.

To summarise you can pick up the following titles, while more will be announced in the coming days:

Any Price

Pay More Than $10 and Add These Games

Pay Over the Average and Add These Extra Games (currently just over $9)

This bundle is going to be headlining for two weeks, but has already had a notable impact. At the time of writing - and after being available for just 24 hours - there have been around 37,000 units sold, raising over $340,000 in sales. Those sales will be split between three organisations - the developers / publishers themselves, Humble Bundle and also the designated charity -

At the moment the average purchase is at over $9 - this will have been inflated by some generous purchases; the highest at the time of writing is from Nintendo of America's Dan Baker, who pitched in $500 for the games. Naturally some will be (arguably) missing the whole point of voluntary generosity and paying less than $9 to just receive the three core games, though others may simply pay for the first batch if they already own all of the others. A broad scale of payments will have been made across tens of thousands of purchases.

These are impressive early results, especially as this is limited to the Americas, and there are still plenty of days to run with more games yet to be added. If this continues to perform this well and raise a lot of money, it'll certainly increase the odds of Nintendo and Humble Bundle returning with more offerings in future.

If you are in the Americas and want to check it out, just head over to the official Humble Bundle website.