Last week we got a look at how 90's Arcade Racer was shaping up on Wii U, and now a backer-only update has gone live on the game's Kickstarter page which details the tracks you'll be speeding around when the title eventually launches - hopefully later this year.

There's a track layout as well as a shot of the course itself. There's also a bit of info about the difficulty of the circuit.


Oval: This is the most basic track in the game, it's a good place to practice and get accustomed to the game's drift mechanics.
Difficulty: Easy


Oval Infield: A few tricky corners can catch you out so you will have to use the brakes.
Difficulty: Medium


Island Short: This is the signature track of the game, it's small with quite a few tricky corners.
Difficulty: Medium


Island Long: This track has long straights and wide corners with only a couple of places that require braking.
Difficulty: Easy


Mountain Short: There are plenty of U-turns in this track, you will need to master the drifting mechanics to put in some good times.
Difficulty: Hard


Mountain Long: This is the longest track in the game, it has everything from very tight U-turns to long straights and plenty of elevation.
Difficulty: Hard


Airport: Long straights followed by sharp corners.
Difficulty: Medium


VR track: This is a bonus track Inspired by a certain Racing game about Virtua.
Difficulty: Medium


Playroom: Another bonus track, this one is inspired by Scalextric, the famous slot racing toy.
Difficulty: Medium

Did you back this amazing racer during its crowd-funding campaign? Are you looking forward to playing it? Let us know by posting a comment below.