Keeping up with all the news about Lego Dimensions is no easy task. Having announced the game with Batman, The Lego Movie, Lord of the Rings, Oz and Back to the Future, it was inevitable that there would be more. Just how much more is still kind of mind-blowing.

Perhaps not as mind-blowing as the gameplay that promises an unholy mix of Sonic Screwdrivers, Portal Guns, Timelords and Aperture Scientists. Some materials published today by Lego show the build instructions for a whole series of different Lego Dimensions products.

Firstly we have confirmed in full Lego glory that Jurassic World, The Simpsons, Scooby Doo and Portal 2 will be coming to Wii U in brick form. But more exciting is the appearance of a diminutive Peter Capaldi mini-figure fronting up the Doctor Who level pack.

This isn't just characters like The Simpsons or Scooby Doo but full adventures in Lego form. The twelfth Doctor comes with a Tardis and K-9 kits that suggest you will be doing some time travelling when the game comes out in September.

Even trying to imagine how portals and time travel may work together is enough to stretch our tiny brains, so we've decided to hold that thought until we see more of the game at E3.

Is this the full line-up or are there other packs still to come? The Lego numbering on the packs suggests there are still some others to discover. But what will they be? Star Trek? Sherlock? Breaking Bad? Who knows - but feel free to post your suggestions below.