The Legend of Thrones

Fan creativity can often have rather off the wall results. Typically when fan work is viewed, one might ask "Why?", but in reality, the question one should be asking is "Why not?" That was likely the question going through these fans' minds as they developed this short video, it exists solely because of the power of "Why not?"

A small team of video editors took the opening of HBO's popular Game of Thrones and gave it a Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past flavour. Indeed, many comparisons can be drawn between the two fantasy franchises and it's a rather amusing watch. These fans should certainly be commended for their attention to detail and if those shaky rumours of a live action Zelda series do turn out to be true, perhaps its intro could take inspiration from this. We also included the original Game of Thrones intro for comparison.

What do you think? Does this make you wish that the live action Zelda rumours are true? Iwata may have quashed those rumours recently, but hope doesn't listen to reason!