Baby Park

With the second half of the Mario Kart 8 DLC just around the corner, speculation has been at critical mass. Just a few days ago, a rumour on NeoGaf stated that Neo Bowser City and Baby Park would be making an appearance, but that rumour was supposedly debunked. It has recently come to light that the rumour was, in fact, right on the money; Nintendo of Japan just posted several videos that confirmed those two tracks as well as the other six that will accompany them.

The courses that will be appearing are:

  • Baby park (GCN)
  • Ribbon Road (GBA)
  • Neo Bowser City (3DS)
  • Cheese Land (GBA)
  • Nature Road
  • Big Blue
  • Lingling Metro
  • Animal Crossing

So, it's apparent that the mysterious WU_METRO was not actually referring to a Metroid track, as some fans fervently hoped, but Lingling Metro. WU_WOODS was in reference to Nature Road, perhaps the name was something with “Woods" in it earlier in development. It's also rather surprising that we'll also be receiving another F-Zero track, it's always good to see Nintendo showing that IP some love. Here are the videos of all the courses:

Are you pleased with this selection of courses? Will you be picking this up on 23rd April? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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