One of the biggest pieces of news from last week's Nintendo Direct was the Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot - an online form on the official Super Smash Bros. website that allows fans to pitch their dream characters as upcoming DLC for the game. Of course, this has sparked much interest, with players voting for both realistic - and arguably overdue - characters, as well as a few outright unearthly choices from the nooks and crannies of gaming's vast realm.

Regardless, the Smash Bros. website has made a recent update that has caused much attention. Looking at the character roster section of the site, there are five additional slots after Mewtwo's panel at the bottom of the page. As we know, Lucas was announced in the Direct as the latest upcoming DLC character in June - so it's safe to assume that he'll take up one of the slots. However, there's still an extra four spaces, and this has caused much discussion as to whether we'll receive more than one new character from the most popular suggestions in the Fighter Ballot.

If this is the case, it's great news, meaning there's more hope of our favourite characters making an appearance in such a huge title. Check out our poll here, or takeover the comment section below by voicing your opinion for your favourites; all this writer can say is that there's more chance - albeit very slim - for well-deserving third-party characters such as Knuckles, Ryu, or Bomberman to enter the fray!

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