The absence of Minecraft on Nintendo systems will likely be looked back upon as a major 'what-if' in years to come. It's arrived on practically every other gaming platform, and various other attempts at the genre have since been announced by Indie studios aiming to fill a gap.

While you can keep major releases from Nintendo fans, you can't often keep Nintendo out of the picture completely. We've seen humorous examples such as a whole load of F-Zero vehicles in Sony titles like Resogun, and Minecraft itself is full of recreations of iconic Nintendo games.

One that's been around for a while is a project to recreate The Legend of Zelda, with designer Evan Stanhope and programmer Jonathan Faulch working in their spare time to recreate the world in the hugely popular block-building title.

The project's come far, as you can see in the video below - it's an impressive recreation and well worth checking out.

Thanks to Tsurii897 for the heads up.