Who could forget the great console war of the early '90s? After a several year period of having an iron fist clamped firmly around the console industry, Nintendo finally had to go on the defensive when Sega became the new kid on the block with the Sega Mega Drive. Promising a far superior experience to the SNES due to “blast processing" and featuring an edgy blue mascot with a serious 'tude, the Mega Drive was the console to own. Though the rivalry between these two giants has since ended in a truce, it's still amusing to see “what if?" situations such as this.

In what a Nintendo gamer in 1992 would have called an act of blasphemy, F-Zero has finally found its way onto the Mega Drive. By altering a ROM in an emulator, a fan by the name of gasega68k has created “G-Zero"; a reference to the Genesis, the North American name for the Mega Drive. Sacrifices had to be made to fit it within the limitations of the Mega Drive, which means that tiles are rendered at half the resolution as the SNES original and that it runs at half the frames per second. This video represents a work-in-progress, with music hopefully being added soon so the game doesn't sound like it's about to lift-off and enter the atmosphere:

You can download the mod and try it for yourself here. What do you think of this? How does it feel to see F-Zero running on the Mega Drive? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

[source sega-16.com, via youtube.com]