Later this year World Champion players will be crowned for Pokémon, both in the latest games and the Trading Card Game. Though we're sure the latter is marvellous fun, we're typically more drawn to Pocket Monster shenanigans on the 3DS here are Nintendo Life.

The route to the World finals is lengthy, of course, with Regional events providing cool prizes and valuable qualifying points, before Nationals split the field further ahead of the main showcase later in the year - this year the finale will be in Boston (US) from 21st - 23rd August.

As a nice warm-up for those of you interested in the competitive Pokémon scene, The Pokémon Company has uploaded some footage from the relatively recent Regionals in St.Louis - these went up at the start of the month (we've dutifully now subscribed to the relevant channel).

One thing we picked up from watching some of this footage - it's a serious business.