Late last week we shared a rumour that Splatoon will have its own range of amiibo, with listings from a South African retailer emerging to that effect. We used the rumour tag along with a few buckets of salt, but it was fun to consider how amiibo could be used in the title.

A fan keen to see amiibo support for the colourful upcoming shooter has taken a look at the eShop game page in their region and found amiibo listed as 'Related Software'. Full marks for the dramatic camera zoom in this Vine - add your own suspenseful music.

Of course this doesn't absolutely mean that Splatoon will have its own range of amiibo, or necessarily any amiibo support at all as listings can be inaccurate ahead of launch; alternatively the game could simply support existing figures in a minor way. While not conclusive, however, it is another small piece of evidence ahead of Nintendo's next major set of details on the shooter.

What do you think of this and, more importantly, that nifty editing in the Vine?