It's pretty obvious that Nintendo's keen to make the most of amiibo, through including NFC support in the New Nintendo 3DS and lining up a host of figures for future arrivals in stores. With that in mind a rumour started by a South African retailer listing is plausible, albeit we urge caution due to the somewhat random nature of the source.

To start with the most plausible rumour, the retailer - Raru - is listing pre-orders for Greninja and Jigglypuff amiibo, with a release date of 29th May. Nintendo's certainly showed a willingness to try and release toys for the whole cast of Super Smash Bros. on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, and these would take it closer to that goal.

The more unlikely - but still possible - rumour relates to amiibo for Splatoon coming out on the same date; there are separate listings for Boy and Girl figures. Whether Nintendo would opt to release special figures for the new IP is certainly up for debate, but it would arguably be a smart move to increase visibility for the brand. It'd also be neat if your online character's rankings and customisations could be saved to an amiibo, so that you could scan that character in when playing local multiplayer with a friend, for example.

These are pretty loose rumours, but certainly gear us up for the weekend with some fun speculation. Would you try to get hold of Greninja and Jigglypuff amiibo, and would you like the toy range to be supported in Splatoon? Let us know.

Thanks to all that sent this in.

[source neogaf.com, via reddit.com]