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Since the launch of the first 'wave' alongside Super Smash Bros. for Wii U in November 2014, Nintendo's wasted little time in promoting and expanding amiibo. Continual waves have continued to take us towards coverage of the full cast in the brawling title, while an upcoming Super Mario range will accompany Mario Party 10 and bring Toad into the mix. Throw in limited editions and low stock of some rare figures, and it's been a major topic for keen fans over the past month, for good and bad reasons.

While it's not always easy to get all of the figures we want, the sales numbers and interest in amiibo show that it's a new product that's paid off in a notable way for Nintendo. In addition to expanding the range, the company's also in the process of manufacturing more stock of rare figures and even plotting amiibo cards, which will surely be more plentiful and less expensive.

As per the original concept, too, our amiibo are compatible - occasionally as read/write but often read-only - with a whole load of games; a quick look at the official compatibility chart for current and upcoming games in the West shows that 11 games will be supported. Those titles on the way that will use amiibo include Code Name: S.T.E.A.M., Xenoblade Chronicles 3D and Yoshi's Woolly World, though there are no details yet on how the latter's support for the toys will work. In the case of the 3DS titles, it's also worth reminding ourselves that they're making use of existing Smash Bros. toys, not introducing new ranges.

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With rumours - to be treated with great caution - of Greninja, Jigglypuff and Splatoon amiibo on the way, we want an updated perspective of your opinion on amiibo support so far and, more importantly, which upcoming games you want to support the range. Perhaps you think amiibo is being used too much, or not creatively enough, or alternatively you may just be delighted by how the toys are progressing to date?

The small but varied upcoming slate of retail games offer plenty of options. Perhaps amiibo can activate special platforming characters in Mario Maker, unlock cool ship designs in Star Fox or even play a role in The Legend of Zelda for Wii U; the latter, alternatively, could go down poorly with some dedicated fans of the adventure series. As for Xenoblade Chronicles X, will it follow the example of Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, but with new figures to match the Wii U title's cast? If that's going to happen an announcement will surely come soon, with the title hitting Japan on 29th April.

Let us know what you think in the poll and comments below; we can also be sure, whatever our thoughts, that amiibo is here to stay.

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What do you think of amiibo support in games so far (stock issues aside)?