Style guides exist so that companies can ensure their treasured characters are used consistently through various forms of media - be it video games, TV shows, comic books or cheap lunch boxes produced in far-eastern sweatshops - and Nintendo is no stranger to this process. This recently-unearthed 1993 guide from Nintendo is predictably packed with obsessive information and cool illustrations, all of which serve to detail and document the Japanese's firm's selection of famous faces.

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The guide shows exactly what shade of blue Mario's overalls should be (Pantone 293, in case you were wondering) and also indicates the various heights of everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom. Interestingly, all measurements appear to be taken from the tip of Peach's crown - once and for all proving that the oft-kidnapped royal is the centre of that particular universe.

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You can view the entire document here, but we couldn't help but end on this page which details the background of everyone's favourite Italian plumber, to be used in "any public performance" of the character. Enjoy.

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