CL Survival Mode04

Cypronia has kindly sent us some more screens from its forthcoming Wii U title Cube Life: Island Survival, this time focusing on the game's Survival Mode.

We've already seen what the game's Creative Mode looks like, but the following screens detail the many dangers that exist within the game - such as deadly spiders and angry natives.

As you can clearly see, it's all a bit Minecraft, but seeing as Mojang's massively popular title doesn't appear to be coming to the Wii U any time soon, we'll take this as the next best thing.

Let us know what you think of Cube Life's Survival Mode by leaving a comment below.

CL Survival Mode01
CL Survival Mode02
CL Survival Mode03
CL Survival Mode05
CL Survival Mode06
CL Survival Mode07
CL Survival Mode08
CL Survival Mode09
CL Survival Mode10
CL Survival Mode11