Until a certain age there's a certain freedom in our choices - the world is there for the taking and anything is possible. Eventually - for most people, if not all - a level of grown-up reality kicks in; bills must be paid, pensions must be considered and following dreams is replaced by chasing 'realistic' ambitions. So says this grizzled old (well, 30 year-old) scribe.

Sadly, Pikachu has learned this lesson. The latest monthly plush from the Pokémon Center has the iconic mascot kitted out in a very smart business suit, every bit the career-minded go-getter. Maybe it's just because it's a plush toy, but there's a vacant, slightly lost look in the eyes, too.

It seems Pikachu is no longer the free-spirited 'mon adventuring around the world, maybe he can't be that any more.

You can see this plush toy in some lovely images below, and we wholeheartedly recommend the humorous but brilliant write-up from a long-term Pikachu fan over on Tiny Cartridge.


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