Shulk Shocked

We recently discovered the file size for upcoming Wii U title Xenoblade Chronicles X, which will be a mighty 22.7GB when it reaches Japan on 29th April.

Of course we'd expect Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, which is exclusive to New Nintendo 3DS, to be a much more compact affair. It is, but according to Amazon Japan it will still weigh in at a whopping 3.6GB (which is roughly 28800 blocks). This may make it the biggest 3DS game yet, or it's certainly in the top three. It also makes the 4GB micro-SDHC bundled with New systems almost irrelevant.

We shouldn't be over-surprised, perhaps. Xenoblade Chronicles was a huge game on Wii, with a campaign and world that were among the biggest yet seen in any title on Nintendo hardware. Recreating that on a portable system will have no doubt been quite a challenge for Monster Games, which has been working on the project.

Will you be downloading Xenoblade Chronicles 3D when it arrives in Europe and North America in early April? If so you might need to get your screwdriver out and update your stock micro-SD card.

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