Xenoblade Art

Nintendo has, today, broadcast a rather enjoyable online presentation for Xenoblade Chronicles X that focused on the game's world and some key features; you can read our summary and watch the full thing here. As part of the festivities the company also put the game up on the Japanese Wii U eShop for pre-purchase / pre-download - as a result some interesting details have been picked up from the game page.

For starters, the game will support the Wii U Pro Controller - though the GamePad will have handy features - and will run at a nature 720p; a usb keyboard can also be used. Naturally that keyboard compatibility points to the previously mooted online play, and well-known NeoGaf resident and translator Cheesemeister has posted the following tweet.

The game's team have previously hinted at relatively passive online play in which you come across other players online but don't necessarily get involved in each other's games, which could certainly be the 32-player item and information exchange mechanic. It's 4-player co-op on quests that really catches the eye, and it could certainly be hugely fun to swap out AI characters for real-life comrades; quite how this'll actually work is still unclear, but more presentations - with the next focused on combat - are promised to be on the way.

Finally, the information page confirms what was previously suggested by Monolith Soft regarding its hefty file size; it comes in at 22.7GB in Japan.

It'll be intriguing to learn how online functionality will be implemented in Xenoblade Chronicles X - have today's details increased your hype for its release?

[source twitter.com, via neogaf.com]