A group of 32 animators have remade the ever-famous opening to Pokemon's Season One (Indigo League), and it's definitely not what we'd typically expect of such a project.

You'll notice two types of animation in the video, one being beautifully remastered scenes of the intro's original snippets, and the other being - well - a mixture of bizarre art styles, making Ash and his beloved buddies look like something out of a weird meme. There are even styles depicting the gang from other famous animated works, such as the classic Mickey Mouse cartoon.

The group is based in Owatta, and Spencer Moreland (editor of the video) hopes that this is just the first of many projects that the team will work on. Be advised that there's one tiny snippet at around the 25 second mark that some may find mildly offensive, so consider this your warning!

Do you hope to see more of these recreations, or have you been scarred for life?

[source kotaku.com]