Atlus has shown off another class for the upcoming Etrian Mystery Dungeon on the 3DS. The spotlight lands on the Gunner in the new trailer, highlighting the fighter's ranged and bind abilities - Bind allows the Gunner to target specific body parts to halt an enemy's movement, creating a unique opportunity for their team.

The Gunner joins previously highlighted classes, the Medic, Protector, and Runemaster. The Medic focuses on healing, the Protector is the tank of the team, while the Runemaster specializes in magic-based attacks. The goal for Atlus will be to ensure that combining these roles in a well-organized party is key to traversing the game's randomly generated, roguelike dungeons.

Etrian Mystery Dungeon Releases in North America on 7th April, with no European release confirmed as yet. Are you getting excited for this one? Which class shall you play?