RCMADIAX was the first developer to release a Wii U eShop title that utilised the Nintendo Web Framework - BLOK DROP U. The studio's strategy throughout the remainder of the year was to release a series of bite-sized concept games, available at budget prices and relatively simple to play.

Well-known for the volume of its releases, the studio has today issued a press release to advise that it's scaling back its Wii U release plans for 2015, primarily as a result of "weaker than expected sales during the fourth quarter of 2014 and greater than expected expenses". Details - split up into regions - of what games are still planned are below.

North America

  • BLOK DROP X PING PLUS will no longer be released as a separate game, but extra content related to this will arrive as a free update for BLOK DROP U, while CHAOS levels for that title are still also planned.


  • BLOK DROP X TWISTED FUSION will launch on 5th March; SPIKEY WALLS and TABLETOP GALLERY are due to arrive in Q2.
  • PENTAPUZZLE, COLOR BOMBS, and SUPER ROBO MOUSE are unlikely to be released outside of North America this year, but that decision may be changed if there's sufficient demand in Europe.

It's also stated that decisions are yet to be taken on releases for 2016, "but it is likely that we will be focusing on platforms with a larger install base."

There are still plenty of games to come from RCMADIAX this year, but it seems that the studio is likely to move on from Wii U once 2015 is out. Let us know what you think of these announcements in the comments below.