Among a number of promising Wii U eShop reveals in early 2014 was forma.8, from Italian developer MixedBag. It's a project that introduces exploration of an alien world in a small ship - nearer its announcement we spoke to the studio's Mauro Fanelli, who provided the following summary:

forma.8 is what I call a classic action adventure game, heavily inspired by Metroid in his structure, with a big open world to explore, puzzles to solve, enemies, bosses and power ups to collect. The story of the game is a very mysterious one: we don't use text in the game, and after a brief intro it's up to the player to fully understand what's going on, as it's up to the player to progress. There's no hand holding: it's an 'old school game' in a good way!

It's been a little quiet since then, but MixedBag has today shared an update with the PlayStation Blog to explain the delay in progress. Part of the reasoning was to improve and revamp the technical aspects of the title, including visuals and animation. The comparison below shows how the studio has been fleshing out and adding more detail to the environments and effects.


At the moment the studio is resisting giving a fixed release window, due to past lessons in dealing with delays to the project. It has, however, released a couple of GIFs that show the improved title in action.

Are you intrigued by this and looking forward to its arrival on Wii U? Let us know.

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