Meta Knight Amiibo

The release trends for amiibo waves have varied per territory, though it's arguably been the most chaotic in North America, with formal release dates coming at late notice and plenty of instances where stock has vanished as quickly as it's supposedly arrived. Those planning on hunting down a Best Buy-exclusive Meta Knight in the US need to be on alert, in that case.

Those with a pre-order for the figure have had a placeholder date for a fair amount of time, but updates have now been sent out confirming a 20th February arrival of the toy. This makes perfect sense, as this ties in with the release of Kirby and the Rainbow Curse - the Kirby, Meta Knight and King Dedede amiibo will all affect gameplay in the title.

As is now the norm for figures such as these, chances are that stock could be hard to find; at present the toy is sold out on Best Buy's website. So begins the battle for additional stock - assuming there is some - that's sold in stores.

Do you have a Meta Knight pre-ordered, or do you plan to try and get one?

Thanks to Sir_JBizzle for the heads up.