Majora S Mask 3 D Wallpaper Fierce Deity Link by Dakidgaming D8 F03 H5

It's logical to think that remakes not only improve in both visual and playability departments, but also on the removal of glitches that once existed in the original cartridge's confines. Take the first generation of Pokemon games for instance - a great set of games, but packed with game-breaking glitches. Remakes of these (FireRed and LeafGreen) had these bugs removed, stopping level 100 Rare Candy-stuffed Pokemon forever (you know who you are).

However, YouTube account GameChap has uploaded the unthinkable on YouTube, an amazing glitch (as well as other nifty ones) that can be completed effortlessly in Majora's Mask's 3DS port. The first glitch (found by Twitch streamer Fullgrowngaming) these two chaps introduce allows the player to play as the almighty Fierce Deity Link anywhere in the game - something that has been craved by many as he can usually only be used in the game's boss finales (assuming the player has collected every mask). It should be noted however, that you should not save your game when doing this, as not only are you more or less restricted to the area you choose to activate the glitch, but you must completely replace a mask with an extra Empty Bottle to achieve the feat. You'll see that the game can even malfunction, causing the 3DS to automatically restart.

The next few glitches allow early access to Snowhead Mountain, Great Bay and Ikana Canyon without the need of the Hero's Bow / Epona / Garo's Mask respectively. It's awesome to witness how they achieve each feat, showcasing great levels of precision and focus. The final glitch allows the player to exit a Fishing Pond with the Fishing Rod equipped - something that's been done before - but hey, it's always nice to see it make a return in any Zelda game.

What do you make of the glitches shown in the video below? Are you a fan of controlling Fierce Deity Link anywhere, or are you happy that this overly-powered phenomenon is only 'legally' available during the game's climax?

Image Credit - DakidGaming

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