Flipping brilliant

After what seems like an eternity, Nintendo has finally released Flipnote Studio 3D in North America. The title is free to download for all Club Nintendo users right now.

The highly anticipated application has finally made it west after months of deliberation. Originally Flipnote Studio 3D was held back in 2013, leaving western gamers wondering if they would ever receive this ingenious app.

If you haven't already heard the buzz, Flipnote Studio 3D allows you to generate and customise your own 3D animated flipnotes. Hours of fun can be had, creating drawings for each page of your flip-book and watching them come to life.

Flipnote Studio 3D caters for artists of all levels, creating everything from simple sketches to animated cartoons. The fun doesn't just end there though - once you have created your masterpieces, you will be able to turn them into a fully animated experience via the software's powerful selection of artistic tools.

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