WaterField New Nintendo 3DS XL Cases

Whether you're a commuter, a student, or you just happen to have to travel a lot, you're going to want to invest in something to keep your New Nintendo 3DS safe from the elements; you could do an awful lot worse than these cases from San Francisco based manufacturer WaterField. They kindly sent us some samples, so we've taken a look at which we think will add a little style to your commute, and which would be best left at home.

New Nintendo 3DS XL CitySlicker Case

The CitySlicker is the star of the show, and being priced at $49 you should expect a quality case. We opted for the 'grizzly' brown option as shown above, but the dual-leather flap is also available in black, kiwi, camel and orange. The leather is top shelf stuff and has a reassuring smell, like a fine book - if you're a bit old school. The New Nintendo 3DS XL fits perfectly in the case, and the padded soft interior hugs the system to prevent it from jostling around while you are on the move, coupled with three pockets to store some game carts that you might want to take with you.

The case securely closes using two press studs (snap fastener) which is preferable to a zip in this style of case. It all feels very secure and cosy. To round things off on the back of the case there is a stretchable zipped pocket which is perfect for storing earphones, additional game carts and any oversized stylus you might have.

We'd highly recommend the CitySlicker. It comes at a premium price, but its quality shines though and we can't think of a better way to transport your New 3DS XL in safety.

New Nintendo 3DS CitySlicker Case

Also priced at $49 is the smaller version of the CitySlicker which is shown in its Orange colour variation in the photos above. As expected it is a perfect fit for the smaller New Nintendo 3DS which is available in Europe, Australia and Japan, or indeed the older standard-sized 3DS. As this is basically just a shrunken version of the XL case, again this comes highly recommended.

New Nintendo 3DS XL Suede Jacket

WaterField New Nintendo 3DS XL Cases 17

Priced at only $12 (or $15 if you want an extra pocket) is WaterField's suede jacket option. It's a minimalist, form-fitting case made from soft, washable suede material that protects the New Nintendo 3DS XL from nasty nicks and unsightly scratches.

There isn't really much to say about this jacket, it slides over the 3DS easily but without a fastener on the opening there is always the slight fear that your 3DS might slide out, despite the snug fit. The one neat thing is that the smooth suede makes a really useful screen wipe, so bonus marks for that! This jacket would be recommended for people who are more worried about scratches on their 3DS' case than dropping it or getting it bashed around in a backpack. It's a basic solution, but sometimes that's all you need.

New Nintendo 3DS XL Gear Pouch Pro

Last but not least is the Gear Pouch Pro in a rather fetching Tangerine colour; it also comes in silver and green colours if you're feeling less extravagant, all of which come in at $45.

Visually speaking it looks like a fancy toiletry bag which you might take to a hotel for an overnight stay. The nylon case has an interesting texture, too, which we have affectionately coined 'alien crocodile'; it's an acquired taste, and not necessarily our favourite. It's a lot larger than the City Slicker case, too, so be aware of additional bulk.

Despite its unconventional looks the soft padded interior is perfect for protecting your 3DS, as it's very generously padded. The 3DS sits in the middle of the pouch interior, and there are pockets at either side for storing games and accessories. A reassuringly sturdy zip keeps your 3DS firmly in the case while you are on the go, so no worries about your device sliding out of this one.

It's another option from WaterField which might suit some that have more to carry, but our firm favourite is the stylish CitySlicker, which has both looks and superb protection for your 3DS.

In Summary

Overall the CitySlicker models are our favourites, with the similarly pricey Gear Pouch Pro sporting a design that doesn't appeal to our sensibilities. The Suede Jacket is very basic and unremarkable, but is also the least expensive option.

Whether these appeal to you really depends whether you want to pay a little more for a high quality case, which WaterField certainly offers. There are countless cheaper options available, but at the higher end of the market these certainly deliver the quality we'd expect of a premium price case.

Thanks to WaterField for sending over the samples. You can view the entire range of New Nintendo 3DS cases from WaterField here. Shipping costs $2 within the USA and $8 for International orders.