Xenoblade Chronicles X

While many are no doubt looking forward to Xenoblade Chronicles 3D which will show off the power of the New Nintendo 3DS, it's worth looking further ahead; Xenoblade Chronicles X for the Wii U appears to be shaping up to be something rather special. Not just visually, but also sonically.

Producer Shingo Kawabata recently took to Twitter to assure eager fans that the game would feature an outstanding voice cast:

I wasn't really informed of this, but it seems we're planning on updating the official site every week. I wonder if we'll be all right? Then again, Nomura and the web design staff are extremely motivated, so I'm sure they'll work hard for your sake. As we present our characters, we're also revealing the people that have lent us their voices. We've managed to acquire an outstanding cast, so you can look forward to hearing their work. As there was such a large amount of text, recording [the voices] took a lot of work, but the entire cast was exceptionally professional. The end result, of course, is perfection.

So far, the voiceover artists which we know about are Houko Kuwashima as Elma, Mariya Ise as Lynlee, Daisuke Sakaguchi as Tatsu, Nao Takamori as Irina, and Tessho Genda as Van Damme.

It's likely that Nintendo will add an English dub of the game during the localisation process, while its Wii predecessor also had the option to switch to the Japanese voice track. If the dub is as good as the English voices used in the original Xenoblade Chronicles, then we are in for a treat when X releases later this year.

[source siliconera.com]