Knuckles Sonic Boom Glitch


We saw some tweets around a video that we thought was a clip from the Sonic Boom cartoon, but is actually a funny fan creation. To clarify (thanks to all that pointed this out), show writer Alan Denton tweeted a joke about Sonic Boom making this famous glitch canon, and a funny fan produced a video to show it in effect.

We're going to go back to finding it humorous now.

Original Article:

It's no secret that Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric was - and this is the charitable interpretation - a tad disappointing when it launched in late 2014; riddled with bugs and seemingly unfinished, just recently a whopping 1GB+ update was rolled out in Europe.

One of the issues fixed in that update was the Knuckles Infinite Jump glitch, in which you could jump, pause the game and then jump again, for as long as you could be bothered. Though there are other glitches such as the ability to fall through the world into the depths of purgatory, it was this infinite jump that became best known, especially due to the fact that it allowed some to skip large sections of the game and clear it in under an hour. You can see it in action below.

Amusingly, the official Sonic Boom cartoon has now made light of the jump at the end of an episode (thanks, @Seedy87). The snippet in question is below, in which a pause screen is jokingly flashed up (in German, in this case) as Knuckles leaps into space.

We've got to hand it to Sega and Sonic Boom showrunners, it's nice to see a bit of self-deprecating humour around this notorious glitch.

This is a reminder, too, that the Sonic Boom cartoon is still going, with Sega even boasting of its success in early December. Have you been watching the show?