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So it's rather well known by now that Sonic Boom: The Rise of Lyric is largely busted (although we think its 3DS counterpart, Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal, fares better). Even so, there may still be a silver lining when the word "Boom" is associated with "Sonic": the cartoon series that ties with the games seems to be picking up an audience.

According to the show's PR firm, Sonic Boom has seen double- and triple-digit gains with key demographics since it began airing 8th November on Cartoon Network. It also claims the #1 spot in its time slot for the demo groups of boys 6-11, boys 9-14, and kids 9-14. It should be noted that this time slot is Saturday at 7 a.m. Eastern Time, when two 11-minute episodes are aired back to back. That's not exactly prime time, but it's nice to know the Saturday morning cartoon vibe is still being kept alive.

The final episode of the season [Correction: final episode before a mid-season break], titled "Eggheads" will air this Saturday, 6th December and new episodes are scheduled to return early next year. If you don't get Cartoon Network, or stopped waking up early on Saturdays long, long ago, you might be able to catch some Sonic Boom episodes on the network's website (you may have to sign up with the site to see full episodes).

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