Super Mario World

Whenever we tried to play the recorder at school using our nose our teachers told us off. That early lesson in life didn't seem to get through to Japanese NicoNico user Wakou who can not only play music by blowing into a recorder through his nose, but also control Mario in Super Mario World.

The secret to doing so is a program called Audio Pad which converts sound into commands for the Super Nintendo emulator. Kotaku offer a detailed explanation:

For example, if Wakou plays "do" on the recorder, Mario moves up. With "mi," Mario moves down. "Re" causes Mario to move left, while "fa" makes Mario move right. The sound "sol" is mapped to the B button, and "ti" is the "Y" Button, etc. Complex, maybe, but you gotta love how excited he gets at the end.

Wakou does a pretty impressive job of guiding Mario through the early stages of Super Mario World and his excitement at defeating the first Koopling is really something to behold.

We expect that you are all curious to see this magical performance now aren't you? Head on over to Kotaku and check it out for yourself. We'd love to know what you think in the comments below.