The progenitors of the World 1-1 theme?

It's always interesting to see the progression and evolution of music through history. Most genres start out small, but have far-reaching impact; with later entrants refining and perfecting the old sound until it is nearly flawless. As any musician could attest to, inspiration is a key factor to the formation of new music - it is through a fusion and reimagination of old concepts that new things are born. Though sometimes, inspiration can come from the places one would least expect it.

Koji Kondo, the composer for the Legend of Zelda and Super Mario series of games, revealed where he got his initial interest in music in an interview shortly after the E3 reveal of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, online chatter and searches are ideal for old gems. Kondo-san said he got his start on the keyboard and that he played in a cover band that mostly played songs by Deep Purple, Emerson, and Lake & Palmer. Sadly, Kondo never grew out a luscious mane of hair to imitate the rockers of yore like the rest of his bandmates did, but he did say they're his favourite bands.

So there you have it, Deep Purple DNA found its way into the likes of some of your favourite video game soundtracks. What do you think of this odd revelation? Are you a fan of any of these bands? Rock out in the comments below.