You think this is a joke?

As you may be aware at this point, Nintendo has been doing a relatively below-par job of keeping amiibo supply up with the voracious demand. Whether this is an intentional ploy to drive the demand through the stratosphere or just a simple, recurring failure to accurately predict the sheer volume that the masses desire, the scarcity of these toys cannot be understated. It's evidently become so bad that Masahiro Sakurai, the director of the Super Smash Bros. series (which was the début of this toys-to-life initiative, we might add), can't get the amiibo he wants.

On Twitter, Sakurai-san wrote a post stating that he popped out for some amiibo but was unable to get the Lucario, Rosalina, and Meta Knight figures. Granted, it's probably not too difficult for Sakurai-san to pull some strings back at Nintendo to secure himself these amiibo, but there's certainly a sense of irony to the post. Perhaps this'll spur Nintendo to be more on point with keeping stock of these toys up, as it must be rather embarrassing when such well-known members of the business make a point of highlighting low stock.

Have you been able to get your hand on any of these amiibo? If so, give yourself a pat on the back for getting to them before even Sakurai-san could, that's quite impressive. How has your experience with amiibo been thus far? Have you been having a hard time finding the ones you want? Blow off some steam in the comments below.

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