Shovel Knight Banner

Shovel Knight was one of the major successes of 2014, scooping multiple Game of the Year awards (including our own) and achieving impressive sales on Wii U, 3DS and PC; it's also headed to PSN later this year. With the title having made such as impact with its retro-styled gameplay, it's naturally become part of the enthusiast and speedrunning scene, too.

As we highlighted this past weekend, the Awesome Games Done Quick event is well underway and raising plenty of money for charity. Our own Marcel van Duyn is in attendance, as when he's not tackling reviews on Nintendo Life he can often be found live-streaming on his CapnDrake Twitch channel, and has previously mastered games and dominated leaderboards in titles such as DuckTales: Remastered on Wii U. At AGDQ he's completed an impressive run of Shovel Knight on PC, clearing it in under 50 minutes. Even better, some of the Yacht Club Games team were on hand to provide commentary - the video is below.

Awesome Games Done Quick is doing a terrific job for charity - Marcel's nifty pink suit of armour was chosen through donations - and has plenty of speedruns left for the remainder of the week; you can follow all of the action over on the official Twitch channel.